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Pat Oliphant and the Anti-Defamation League
Di Loredana Morandi (del 27/03/2009 @ 02:10:42, in Estero, linkato 2245 volte)



Dear Colleagues of The Washington Post,

We consider intolerable, that the anti-defamation league has denounced a Pat Oliphant cartoon.
The cartoon was published Wednesday in newspapers and on the Internet.

Help us to help the Jews and Israelis to understand the nature of their debts against humanity.

In solidarity with the journalist, Pulitzer Prize, we ask you to disclose the presence of a major web portal for pedophiles in Hebrew.


Link: www.xxxx.net

Here's the Star of David as for pedophiles!

We, by far Italy, we are complaining to the police international and the Israeli police since January 2009, but we do not get no answer.

Thank you and good job to you!

Loredana Morandi
italian opinionist